Scout Eoin In

Neither my husband nor my older son participated in Scouts. That is if you don’t count camping and doing American Heritage Girls activities and family camps with our daughter.

Well, since our daughter has moved out and started a family of her own, I was kind of excited that Eoin, my then kindergartner, wanted to join the Cub Scouts.

The local Pack sponsored a recruitment event at the local Sportsman’s Club which included a rock climbing wall, some running, and shooting activities and the opportunity for parents to ask questions. We officially signed Eoin up that day in May 2017.

We dove right in and got involved right away. That was already over a year ago and I can’t wait to share Eoin’s Scouting journey with you.

Have patience with me since I’ll be writing about the past, present and future. I hope my categories and tags will help keep this story somewhat organized.

In the theme of our Pack’s recruitment efforts, let’s blast into Scouting.

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